Monday, March 10, 2008

Wikis CPD

Hello, trying to iron out some problems for tomorrow. My own presentation is very different from the one I'm posting here. The presentation here should, however, help you get set up using the new pbwiki layout at home. I'd like to talk you all through this step by step, but having new and varied problems with blocked URL's, along with what seems a daily problem with surf control...

Many thanks to slideshare user suesbent. I'm going to use my existing Higher wiki if I can't release some of the training sites. I'll create some pages which hopefully you can use to check out some wiki functions.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kenny

set up a wiki for higher admin and really keen to use it. However come up against a wall as to how comments from pupils will appear - will I not see that until the wiki is shared?

I'll pester you tomorrow!!


Kenny O'Donnell said...

Hi Eileen,
If you mean how does it appear when pupils edit the wiki, as long as they have the password/ invite key, their contributions will be published straight away, and you as the administrator will receive an e-mail telling you of the changes in retrospect. I know when I helped Brian set one up for Biology, he used numbers for pupils so that he knew exactly who had edited the pages, but I just keep it anonymous. Don't know if this helps or not?